Demopad Centro 8M Control Processor

The CENTRO-8M is the heart of your control system, providing a link to your IP devices & control via IR & RS232

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DemoPad is proud to announce the much anticipated launch of our new affordable control and automtion processor, the CENTRO-8M

The CENTRO-8M is an extremely cost effective small form factor automation and control processor

The CENTRO-8M is the heart of your control system, providing a link to your IP devices & control via IR & RS232. It also allows you to control your system with a standard IR remote control

Key Demopad CENTRO 8M Features:

  • FREE App and FREE Pro Graphics included for iOS and Android
  • Control equipment via Infra-Red, RS232 or IP
  • 2-way LIRC IR compatible
  • Astronomically-aware timer events
  • Built in HTTP/HTTPS Web Server
  • Wired and 802.11n Wireless network connectivity
  • Audio and 1080p HDMI outputs offer Digital Signage / Media player features
  • IR functions can be used with any compatible 3rd party control system / app
  • Seamless integration with existing DemoPad software projects

Things you can do with the CENTRO-8M:

  • Connect up to 20 simultaneous client devices (iOS / Android) and communicate with many more control devices through the network
  • Hard button remote control: Use a Standard IR remote control button press to activate user-definable functions within the system, just like a button on the app
  • Custom programming – for example: turn your lights on, 10 minutes after sunset, except on weekends & in the summer
  • Centrally stored system variables: when one user turns a zone on, any other user (including remote ones) also know about it
  • Programmable audio output: Play a custom doorbell or a security alert sound through your audio system when an input triggers, or at certain times
  • Programmable HDMI output: Have another input to your HDMI distribution system, to show web pages or a photo frame slideshow programatical ly
  • Advanced macros: Uses the same powerful logic driven macro generation routines as our control app
  • Built in Web Server with browser control: Store the DemoPad project on the CENTRO, and allow control through a web browser using the same customisable interface engine as our app
  • Designed with the future in mind: Added features will be available with future firmware updates

Demopad Centro 8M Connectivity ports

  • 3 x individually addressable Infra-Red output ports
  • 1 x bi-directional RS232 COM port
  • 1 x Infra-Red input port
  • 1 x Audio output
  • 1 x HDMI output
  • 4 x USB ports
  • 1 x Ethernet LAN port





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